Sport is an activity based on social, educational and cultural values. It is decisive for integration, acceptance of differences and observation of the rules. It is a means to combat the challenge of marginalization and an opportunity to demonstrate that with social commitment, extraordinary results can be achieved.

Sport is at its best when it unites us. In the last 11 years with the Corsa dei Santi (The Saint’s Run) we bring sports to the streets of Rome by organizing a 10km competitive and non-competitive race, and a 3km race open to everyone with the departure and finish line at St. Peter’s Square. Year after year the race supports a charity project which is integrated with a televised fundraising.

The race, as a vehicle to uphold positive values, is also the theme of the annual Mami Run which takes place in Villa Pamphili on Mother’s Day.  

The participants?

Mums, daddies and kids, but also the young, old and disabled.  

Promoted by the Opera Don Guanella, the “Race for the entire family” is a mission to focus our attention and support on adolescents, abandoned children, the elderly, persons with mental and physical disabilities and, in general, the underprivileged.

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