Prime Time Promotions was founded in the beginning of the ‘90s as a service company that capitalized on the precious personal know-how of event sponsorship by its creator, Stefania Scorpio. The company oriented itself towards the conception and realization of religious and cultural events, as well as to researching and finding the necessary resources by means of sponsorship and advertising in order to bring them to fruition.

One of the company’s greatest skills is to transform its initiatives into engaging shows.

In 1993 Cardinal Ruini was in search of resources to fund a very important project in preparation for the 2000 Jubilee. Prime Time Promotions formulated a televised music event that could attract the attention of the general public and stimulate its spectators to contribute. Thus, the Concerto di Natale (Christmas Concert) in the Vatican was born. A highly original show that mixes all kinds of music: from opera to jazz, from pop to rock, from soul to gospel, bringing together the most beautiful voices from the international music scene. Many great artists have contributed and performed on the stage of the Paul VI Hall, all in the spirit of Christmas.

To date there have been 26 editions, proving its good virtue. Not every edition took place in the Vatican. In its history the Concert has also visited the internationally renown theaters of Verona, Malta, Catania, Monte Carlo. The Christmas Eve broadcast alternated on Raiuno, Raidue and Canale 5.

The company’s history is marked by an important presence in almost all the World and European Youth Days, from Czestochowa to Manila, from Paris to Denver, from Loreto to Rome, where the participation of millions of young Christians shook the indifference of even the most sceptical. 

In 2005 Prime Time Promotions collaborated with the Compagnia di Gesù (Company of Jesus) in organizing the Year of Xaverian which included a series of conferences, exhibitions and sports tournaments.

In June of 2005, attesting its particular aptitude for combining religious themes with television programs, Prime Time Promotions created the event “Many Hearts around the Pope” for Opera Don Orione, which lead to performances in the Paul VI Hall and on the screens of Canale 5 of artists such as Andrea Bocelli and Giorgio Albertazzi. On the cultural front, the main interest was in art, and over the years expressed itself in different forms ranging from the creation of the newspaper “Ecclesia”, to the conception and organization of conferences and exhibitions of very high values and standards. In 1998 the company organized the exhibition “Science and Miracles in Art of the 600’s” and the celebrated exhibition “Piranesi and the Aventino”. The first being organized in the impressive halls on the main floor of Palazzo Venezia and the latter in the famous garden of Villa Malta, exceptionally opened to the public for this special occasion.

In 1999 the exhibition “Romei e Giubilei”, hosted in the splendid rooms of Palazzo Venezia, depicted principles, business, life on the streets and the journey of pilgrims from around the world to Rome.

In 2000, the exhibition “Code B. The Gospels of the People”, one of the treasures of Italian Renaissance, open for the first time to the public in the magnificent setting of Palazzo della Cancelleria.

In 2007, in line with its decision to work with Catholic Institutions worldwide, Prime Time Promotions initiated an organic relationship to collaborate with the Salesians of the Don Bosco Foundation in the World, creating fundraising events in support of the Salesian missions in the most disadvantaged countries. 

In this context, in June 2008, Prime Time Promotions organized the first edition of the “Concert for Kids on the Street”. The event was celebrated in Turin, in the enormous and splendid square “Piazza Vittorio”, which hosted approximately 100,000 spectators for the occasion. In support of the children left to their own devices on the streets of Haiti after the earthquake, a cast of famous artists alternated on stage in support of the idea to reach out and help others through music. Raiuno dedicated a special program to cover this event. 

Using its know-how in organizing music events, in July 2012 Prime Time Promotions organized a concert for the FAO, “Gilberto Gil and the FAO Against Hunger in the World”, in the outdoor showground of the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome. 

Prime Time Promotions then entered into the world of sports by creating a show and collaborating in the organization of “la Corsa dei Santi” (The Saint’s Run), an event created in 2008 to give more visibility to All Saints’ Day, which gathers membership and support of many institutions in the world of politics, sports and religion. The event has live coverage on Canale 5.

This event has been further developed with the creation of the “Corsa dei Santi in tour” (The Saint’s Run on Tour), with the aim to expand the initiative to the other provinces in Lazio and the Mami Run, a running race promoted by Opera Don Guanella.

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